Lanterns for Google Cardboard

Night View of Lantern Festival
Developer: Axiomworks Inc.

Install from Google Play

Collection: Virtual Reality & Cardboard

Google Play Description
This virtual reality app represents a typical night view of Lantern Festival celebration. Serene mountains lit by full moon reflect in river and flickering lanterns are both in the air and on the surface of the water. The Lantern Festival is celebrated in many orient countries including China Indonesia Singapore and Malaysia. During the festival people launch paper lanterns both to the sky and to the water. Features:
- head-tracking using gyroscope;
- customizable amount of lanterns;
- full day-night cycle;
- fish-eye view to adjust view for lenses of VR headset. Works with Google Cardboard. What's Google Cardboard? Cardboard is a low-cost easy-to-get virtual reality viewer that transforms a phone into a basic VR headset. Learn more about Google Cardboard at http://g. ... [Expand]

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