ArtRage Sketch Draw Paint

Sketch paint dream fine art for tablets
Developer: Ambient Design Ltd.

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Category: Entertainment

TheAppCurator's comments
Whether you dabble in sketch or paint masterpieces ArtRage is one of the best apps around. If you use a tablet then this is a must have. Its a paid app but probably the most value you can get out of a painting tool. Since the app is meant for artists a lot of thought seems to have gone into the unconventional interface. Icons and tools that hide away to give you more canvas area small details like watercolor spreading based on wetness and a knife tool reacting to pressure are what really sets ArtRage apart from the crowd. A ton of tools like crayons rollers pencils brushes make every type of art accessible on a tablet. There are far too many features to be discussed in a ... [Expand]
Google Play Description
Get creative with realistic paint without the mess and expense! Explore a packed toolbox of intuitive natural painting tools like oils and watercolors that let you experiment with color blends and textures on a realistic canvas. ArtRage places the tools of a real art studio at your fingertips and is perfect for anyone who loves drawing. Try out the Pencils for sketching the Oil Tube for impasto and Felt Pens for a Copic marker effect. ArtRage doesn't just place color on your canvas. It keeps track of how much paint there is and how wet it is so you can blend color under the brush as you paint or lay down thick lines of pigment for smearing with the Palette Knife just like the real thing. Watercolors react ... [Expand]

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ArtRage Sketch Draw Paint


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