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Developer: SlidingBits

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Category: Personalization

TheAppCurator's comments
Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of newsfeeds and blogs that keep demanding your attention Arego newswall seems to have found an answer. With the number of news websites and blogs exceeding a few thousands it [Collapse]
Google Play Description
Arego NEWSWALL brings a running stream of news and blog articles through out the day on an animated wallpaper that changes with time. A live wallpaper that serves a super useful purpose beyond eye candy. Hundreds of news and blog sources to suit your tastes. Gentle floating images from news and photo feeds that make your phone screen come alive. Use your own favorite photo or images as backgrounds. Many customization options from fonts to battery saving features like frame rate control. Designed for minimal distraction from everyday phone usage Arego NEWSWALL live wallpaper uses simple and well matched color backgrounds to keep your phone screen clean simple and uncluttered. Display Options ------------------------------- Preset display themes from elegant to grungy Multiple font choices for the NEWSWALL Font colors and speed control Frame rate control (fps) Scroll and animation speed control Option to turn off animation and use static screen (maximum battery savings) Option to use custom image or photo as live wallpaper background Elegant monochrome option if you hate live wallpapers Content choices ------------------------------- Predefined interest based categories like sports politics travel photo Option to manually select news and blog from hundreds of choices Content categories to easily find sources Network usage ------------------------------- Arego NEWSWALL caches news and images for offline reading. Images are never fetched more than once text updates are periodic and configurable FAQ: 1. How to conserve data bandwidth? Data bandwidth consumption depends on the number of news items and photo feeds. Reduce the number of news subscriptions and image heavy news and photo feeds to conserve bandwidth. 2. How do I clear data and cache folders? You can clear these folders from the support section of preferences menu. 3. Aren't live wallpapers a battery drain? Answer: A well programmed live wallpaper does not ruin battery life they do not use the CPU when not being displayed. Arego NEWSWALL also allows you to control the FPS to maximize battery life during display time as well. We are always eager to hear feedback Talk to us: Twitter: @slidingbits Blog: Facebook: [Collapse]

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