magical way to share using sound
Developer: Animal Systems

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Category: Communication

TheAppCurator's comments
Once in a while there comes along an idea thats so bizzarre and yet surprisingly useful Chirp is one of them. Anything you wish to share is converted into a sound byte that you chirp across to phones and people around you. Did you just chirp your party pic
Something like a hyperlocalized twitter on sound waves. also plans to integrate with 3rd party apps for more interesting services which seems to be worth looking forward to. At the moment you may not want to share any sensitive information as everything hits the Chirp service but nevertheless a fun and interesting app to try out.
Google Play Description
Chirp is the magical new way to share your stuff

- using sound! Chirp 'sings' information from one phone to another. Share photos links notes and more: all from your built-in speaker! Anyone in listening range can then hear the chirp sound and receive your picture!

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