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Developer: Seene

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Collection: Virtual Reality & Cardboard

TheAppCurator's comments
Ever wanted to peek around a photo or take lifelike 3D photos that pop out of your phone. Seene lets you capture multiple angles of a scene and then other people can see a picture from any angle in 3D. If you had a viewmaster as a kid Seene is the app to relive those moments but the pictures are your own and not that of mickey mouse. Though it sounds complicated its actually simple. Capturing a photo is guided by a growing circle that lets you know when there is enough information for a 3D image. Then you get to save it and share it with friends or public as you wish.Thats not all you can pop in your phone into google cardboard and get a ... [Expand]
Google Play Description
Seene lets you capture and share the world in lifelike 3D by combining image depth and movement into a shareable 3D photo. >>> Seene supports Google Cardboard for viewing your 3D photos in VR! <<<

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