uSound Hearing Assistant

created to help people with hearing loss
Developer: Newbrick S.A.

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Category: Health & Fitness

TheAppCurator's comments
Once in a while comes along an app that is hard to describe as useful for normal people but invaluable for a small select group. uSound falls into that category, its a free trail for 14 days, but we thought it deserved a special mention for the few folks who need hearing assistance. First of all its a paid app, but read on before you jump to conclusions. For most normal people we may never get to appreciate its usefulness. But uSound is indispensable and value for money for the hearing impaired. Hearing aids are expensive, run out of batteries frequently and not that easy to change and tune without expert interference. We happen to know a hearing impaired person who tried it out and left VERY impressed.Most ... [Expand]

indispensable and value for money for the hearing impaired - TheAppCurators

Google Play Description
uSound Optimized hearing, created to help people with hearing loss or hearing impairment and for lovers of finely optimized music . It possess similar features to a high-end digital hearing aid, in addition it incorporates extra functionalities that make this app unique.1. Hearing Test: has a precision rate over 95% when compared with a standard professional audiometer.2. Listening Mode: Captures the sounds of conversations, analyzes them based on the hearing test result and then compensates the sounds to the users hearing level in real time in the same way a hearing prosthesis does.3. Music player: Analyzes music based in the hearing test and then compensates it to the users hearing level.Extra features:1. Personalized filters: personalized audio filters that allow a better sound quality in different environment settings.2. Medical audiometry: ... [Expand]

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