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Decades ago the idea of sharing baseball player cards was accepted so well that crept into every sport. Today we see as an intuitive way to share information from business cards to cricket and social media. Thats right, the digital twitter card brought the phenomenon onto apps and web. The next time you want to share a nice product on product hunt or kickstarter try creating a shareable social card with cubeit. You can build collections, save bookmarks and share them. A very neat app that takes an ugly url and builds a proper informative card. If you are a social animal that regularly shares content on social apps, you must give it a try

If you are a social animal that regularly shares content on social apps, you must give it a try - TheAppCurators

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Cubeit lets you bookmark and save information about the latest products and technology from multiple sources in one place.If you moonlight as a Redditor, or are an active contributor on Product Hunt, or if you browse Kickstarter looking for the next product that will change the world, Cubeit is for you. You can now collect interesting products from different sources in a mobile friendly, shareable format.Collect:With Cubeit you can easily create collections of your favourite products from ProductHunt, Kickstarter, BetaList, Reddit, and more.Consume:Everything you save is converted into neat cards. Cards show you the most relevant information from saved content. If you save a product from Kickstarter in Cubeit, the card will show you the number of backers, the amount pledged, and the ... [Expand]

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