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TheAppCurator's comments
A new app on the play store for hobbyists and casual music makers. The idea is simple enough to be picked up by anybody. You can create a series of patterns using drums bass and synth lines with 120 sample sounds. These patterns can eventually become a full piece of music. Very innovative user interface with glowing neon lines and retro looks. There are few music making apps on android as compared to competition and Music Studio seems to be a good start for a new music making app
Google Play Description
Have you always wanted to make your own music and you've never had the tools? With Music Studio a professional music sequencer totally free you can make all kinds of music: Hip-Hop Electro Dubstep Electronic Music Dance ... because it contains 120 samples of electronic sounds to create incredible music with your device turning on and off the sounds at your pleasure. Upload your sound samples and make loop sequences for making your favorite music. Be an autentic beatmaker. Music Studio is the best tool if you're a DJ music producer or a simple music lover who want to create their own songs. CHARACTERISTICS AND FUNCTIONS:
- 120 samples of high quality electronic sounds divided into 4 different kits to create loop sequences.
- Save songs you make and share. < ... [Expand]

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