Grow a billion trees with SpinTree
Developer: Tabasco games

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Category: Casual

TheAppCurator's comments
Theres something about trees and nature that calms our minds. We walk through parks, grow plants in our baloney and now its time to bring that to our phones.SpinTree is a simple game of tapping a spinning dot, but wait! each tap grows more branches in a tree. Very calming and addictive tap tap game. You can also let the dots spin endlessly and enjoy the tree growing on your phone.

Very calming and addictive tap tap game. - TheAppCurators

Google Play Description
Grow a billion trees with SpinTree !Experience the season in time with 50 trees and flowers in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.A tree for every season, grow a branch with every tap.
- Promotes meditation & environment
- Encourages eco-friendliness with this tree-raising game
- Makes you love and want to plant more trees!

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