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Theres a growing feeling that the use of social apps has crossed the limits of being beneficial into becoming harmful. What if you wanted to reduce your quick peeks into facebook and twitter messages, who is going to keep a watch for you. Enter the antisocial, an app that keeps living on your phone and watch your usage. The Guardian surveyed many phone users and goes all the way to say that quitting social media actually makes you happier.Antisocial monitors all apps and not necessarily social media apps, so you get a good picture of when you spend most app time and and on what apps. Very useful like a big brother going over every little thing you do on your phone, in good spirit.Though it ... [Expand]

"How much social is enough?" - TheAppCurators

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Are you curious to find out how much you use your cell phone compared to other people
AntiSocial is designed to not only help you understand what normal usage looks like, but to give you the tools to manage, block and control your cell phone usage so that you can unplug, minimize distractions and focus on the things that matter.While there are other apps available that are designed to restrict phone usage, AntiSocial feels strongly about empowering the user by giving them the information they need to take necessary action. This is done through the clearest and most simple interface available and is the only app to deliver detailed reports full of all the information you need to make an informed decision.What makes AntiSocial unique< ... [Expand]

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