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SmartPlant is not just for gardeners, SmartPlant is the app for any plant owner. We make it easy for you to understand your plants and find out what you need to be doing, every month of the year. SmartPlant also lets you identify plants and pests with a snap and connects you to hundreds of plant experts. They are your green fingered gurus, ready to help you at the drop of a hat.SmartPlant Technology: You can scan plants at our retail partners and receive FREE premium membership and monthly plant care for your new purchase. Bring your plants into the Smart Home.The SmartPlant Features:The Library
- Huge plant library to search
- Deep content including videos, images and general plant care information.
- Simple and intuitive search and filters
- Similar plants, so you can find your perfect garden combo
- Build YOUR digital plant library for free
- Design your ideal plant combinationsThe Plant Care
- FREE Monthly Plant Care for all your plants
- Designed to be simple, no gardening jargon
- Your personal plant planner
- Any questions
Ask the expertsThe Barcodes
- Scan plant barcodes at our retail partners
- Get monthly care
- Get a free trial of premium membership
- Building your plant library is EASY!The Identifier
- Unknown Plant, Tree, Flower, Vegetable, Pest or Disease
We can identify them.
- Freebies on the house, every month!The Experts
- Hundreds of experts ready for your plant problems, they have the answers
- Chat to them about plant care, plant problems and general plant queries
- Exclusive monthly tips from our experts for premium members
- We are your personal plant nannyThe Homepage
- Your Hub for all things planty
- Exclusive offers, monthly highlights & articles
- Plant recommendations, just for youThe Plants That Talk
- We are live on Amazon Alexa, so your plants really can talk to you.We know it can be hard to green up your space, plants are complicated. SmartPlant is useful for plant owners of all abilities. Whether you are a garden designer, lawn obsessive, first time buyer, flower fanatic, horticultural enthusiast, allotment owner or simply want to add a splash of green to your balcony, living room or kitchen we provide you with the unified platform for your plants.If you dont know what plants you have, we will tell you. If you dont know what bug is killing it, we will tell you. And, once you have logged your plants into the app we provide you with simple monthly plant advice, all backed up by a network of trusty experts who are keen to help you make your patch beautiful. [Collapse]

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