The Line Zen

Developer: Ketchapp

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Category: Arcade

TheAppCurator's comments
Zen like simplicity at first looks builds up into a maze of brain challenges and activity as the game progresses. You are a dot living in a world of geometric shapes and an ever progressing maze. As you discover that the simple shapes that obstruct your progress through the maze can actually be manipulated to your advantage The game starts getting addictive and fires your creative juices at the same time.
Google Play Description
Welcome to The Line Zen. The Line Zen is the sequel to 2014's hit game The Line but now with a new twist. You still dart and weave through a procedurally generated world while avoiding the red shapes but now you use friendly green shapes to your advantage

- but be careful

- because sometimes they can get in the way! Includes:
New ZEN like gameplay: Get zoned out with the most addicting game of 2015.
Solve puzzle style rooms: Bringing a new angle to the classic game now you can solve extremely fast mini-puzzles to progress to the next section.
Endless twists and turns: Play forever and try to beat your friend's top score with Game Center! < ... [Expand]

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