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Podcasts continue to be a great source of non-mainstream media information. The podcasting revolution opened so many interesting podcasters topics that its difficult to keep track of the latest shows. Player FM does a great job of helping you discover new podcasts and helps you in staying subscribed to a show. A beautiful curated catalog of shows presented in material design make it a breeze to find your favorite. Shows can downloaded for offline used and you can play it on your commute home. Another interesting feature is the ability to follow a topic rather than a single show. And there are newer features to sync with android wearable as well. Overall the best free podcast app for android. [Collapse]
Google Play Description
Cloud podcast app that syncs across devices helps you discover great shows and plays offline. Free forever with no ads and minimal permissions premium plan launching later this year. Features: Video playback (now in beta!) Companion web app Tablet+Chromecast+Android Wear Speed control Sleep timer Material design Search 3 million episodes Personal recommendations Homescreen+lockscreen widgets Interactive notification Play local files Flexible settings. Android Central: 'Just looks amazing ... packed with useful features ... tell it what you're interested in and watch it work its magic' LifeHacker: 'Guides you to smart interesting podcasts' Tested: 'Right from the start I found the experience of using Player FM enjoyable' All About Android: Winner app arena GigaOm: 'Makes podcasts look cool again' Minimal permissions are used

- some background here: ????? CLOUD SYNC ON MULTIPLE PLATFORMS Like Spotify or YouTube your subscriptions sync in the cloud so you can setup once for life and use the app on multiple devices. The cloud model also saves you bandwidth and battery by fetching feeds in the server instead of checking every publisher's server for updates. FOLLOW TOPICS NOT JUST SHOWS Get fresh recommendations on your favorite topics ready for immediate streaming or download. Our catalogue goes deep with 500+ niche topics to follow. Not just 'Tech' but 'Android' 'Gaming' 'Programming' etc. Follow your favorite TV show sport industry etc. OFFLINE-READY Subscriptions and Play Later lists proactively downloaded for offline use with auto-cleanup. All highly configurable. FULL BACKLOG Browse shownotes for all episodes in the publisher's feed and immediately stream any episode or save it for later even if you're not subscribed. You can even search full shownotes for over 3 million episodes. PLAY HISTORY Resume where you left off mark played browse your history. LEAVE ANYTIME Your subscriptions import and export as OPML in case you ever want to move to another app #sadface. WORKS GREAT WITH ... Chromecast Android Wear voice activation ('OK Google search for Android on Player FM') Samsung Gear S notifications enhanced sound on Dolby [Collapse]

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