Comics Mask

Selfies with your comic heroes?
Developer: keyspice

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Category: Comics

TheAppCurator's comments
Every wanted a picture with your favorite comic characters
Comics Mask helps you get one. You can pick a favorite picture and replace your team and friend pictures with comic character heads and just about any other sticker. Though the idea sounds like a simple cut and paste job the resize and rotate options along with a good collections of stickers and character as well make the picture look really authentic We were really impressed with the smooth operations and the way the stickers gel into the picture. we could do with background effects and cutouts but maybe that'll follow soon. Good clean fun to try out
Google Play Description
Turn your friends into a comic team or fulfill your own destiny as a superhero! Replacing faces on photos with character stickers your photos become personalized and unique once you begin highlighting your friends' characters emphasize actions and emotions on your photo. Install Comics Mask and you'll see just how easy it is to create some really amazing stuff out of your photos and selfies.

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Comics Mask

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