VR Cosmic Roller Coaster

roller coaster ride through space
Developer: Raiz

Install from Google Play

Collection: Virtual Reality & Cardboard

TheAppCurator's comments
If you have Google Cardboard handy get ready for a wild ride through space. You start off with a gentle drift into a vibrant nebula like cloud and then the ride picks up speed as you whizz past saturn earth and couple of interesting cosmic creations. Though a little short on running time its a spectacular ride through space to demo VR strengths. Like most other VR apps there is chance of eye fatigue though the graphics were quite smooth and fast. A must have app for your cardboard collection.
Google Play Description
A new different type of roller coaster that will take you along a wonderful cosmos. It is designed for mobile VR cases as Google Cardboard Durovis dive 3Deva Refugio 3d Inmersion vrelia go Gameface Stooksy vr Dodocase. We recommend to use headphones for a good immersion. Enjoy it!

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