Iggys Zombie A-Pug-Alypse

Developer: 16Swans

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Category: Puzzle
Tags: zombie, game, zombies, puzzle, game, puzzle, action, game, adventure,

Iggy is a happy-go-lucky Pug that lives in a mansion with the Duchess Bianca. One day Iggy awakes to find that the mansion is overrun with Zombies and Bianca is missing. Can you reunite our little Pug hero and the Duchess?Game Features:- 70 ACTION PACKED LEVELS. Solve every Puzzle your way! Draw any path for Iggy to follow through each Zombie infested level.- PUG - LIFE SAVING POWER - UPS. Timing is everything! Activate Power-Ups at the right time and help the little Pug to evade the walking dea

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