3 awesome sponsor programs, that you can't miss

1. Sponsor a curated list:
Be a sponsor of a curated category like education or photography for a month. The apps are selected and curated by us including the category profile brief. The sponsor's mobile app or website will be featured in the footer area. Most beneficial for sponsors who want visibility from a specific audience type.

Best suited for: apps, physical products, niche websites

Send us an email for more details: slidingbits[aht]gmail[doht]com

2. Own a curated list:
Are we missing your kind of curated apps? We can build a brief profile page with your selection of apps that match your sponsorship interest. You get to choose your favorite apps and you can feature your own content in the category profile along with links to your site or app. This is best suited to promote startups, authors, photographers ...

Best suited for: Small business niches (education, finance), Niche content sites (sports, fashion), Individuals (like photographers, authors)

Send us an email for more details: slidingbits[aht]gmail[doht]com

3. Sponsor Program

Best suited for: apps which need broad visibility across categories & collections


Sponsoring the services for one week gets your App valuable exposure along with the best apps for a week. Details of the programme are described below

Important Note:

We do not accept adult or mature content, We may reject a sponsored app if it does not meet our editorial criteria to provide high quality apps to our users. Our audience is very generic and generally in the range of 20 to 50 years. We do not have the ability to do targeting or geography specific campaigns so please refrain from sponsoring apps that require language or a geography specific audience.

You are welcome to buy a weekly slot at $60 per week (Check our introductory offer below). You can also order multiple slots, but we do not recommend multiple slots in the same week for effectiveness.

We are running an introductory offer
Get a sponsored app weekly slot for $10 (USD)

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