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We are still putting things together, so get in touch with us by email at

>slidingbits [at] gmail [dot] com<
primary contact of the founder - Girish


1. What is
A new way to find apps on Google Play, hand curated. BTW its pronounced 'brightly' but could'nt find that domain for sale. Inspiration came from the line 'find apps that shine brightly'.

2. What does it do?
Finding apps on Google play is limited to the search bar, top charts and few generic categories filled with mostly games. focuses more on apps and there are 3 ways to find them
- Curated categories, growing list of curated apps by profession/interest (Did you say IOT apps?)
- weekly updated curated charts (very unconventional groups like 'share your phone' )
- Daily list of fresh arrivals called Freshli (user submitted content)

3. What's in it for you?
You get awesome apps that are difficult to find on the app stores. You can be part of the journey and suggest apps, curated categories and We'll add them for you. Thats not all if you would like to be profiled along with your blog/company/app check our 'become a sponsor' program.

4. How much revenue do we make?
Well the idea got into our heads and we just had to build it. Right now we are bootstrapping to get it out there.

5. Do you guys have competition?
Today we are still a bootstrapped garage firm and we can't compare ourselves to anything. But the 'app discovery' space has seen lot of investor action in the last few years.
- Chomp (was acquired by apple)
- Quixey (Very healthly funded, as recently as Mar 2015)
- Google itself is addressing the problem in many ways

Would love to hear your opinion, suggestions and sarcasm by email, phone, chat just about any means. Get in touch!