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Brite.li is a Curated Content Discovery service. We are starting with Android apps and gradually moving towards a curated web. Today you can get a glimpse of the curated web as article suggestions. The simple idea behind brite.li is that topic based content discovery is a powerful addon to free form search.

Brite.li got out of beta on Nov 18th 2015 we are happy and excited to see our tiny idea take shape into a useful service.

If you are a journalist or blogger you might want to read the FAQs below which describes Briteli and the people behind it. You can also find a few resources like images, icons and article references to help you with article ideas.

Happy reading, Hope to see Briteli installed on your phone :)

Product Release Information

Product Name:    Briteli
App Download Link:    Get it from Google Play
Website    http://Brite.li
Release Date:    Nov 18th 2015
Supported Platforms    Android 2.3 and above

Product FAQ

1. What is Brite.li?
A new way to discover curated apps on Google Play. BTW its pronounced as 'brightly' but could'nt find that domain for sale. Inspiration came from the line 'find apps that shine brightly'.

2. What does it do?
Finding apps on Google play is limited to the search bar, top charts and few generic categories filled with mostly games. Brite.li focuses more on apps and there are a few ways to find them
- A growing list of Curated Collections by profession/interest
- Weekly updated curated charts
- Daily user submitted content called Freshli

3. What are collections?
Collections are a group of curated content like apps, web articles, book references that are related to an interest. For example: Cycling World is a collection of content for biking enthusiasts, from tracking your ride to keeping tabs on your health parameters and first aid references.

4. How many collections does Brite.li have?
We plan to have less than 25 collections at any point in time based on current interest and trends. For example we may add a seasonal collection like 'Football Fever' during a soccer world cup.

5. Why would people use Brite.li?
App stores are dominated by the usual chart toppers based on number of downloads, ratings and community suggestions. After people get tired of the chart toppers there are still thousands of good apps which they will never get to see because people dont know they exist and would never search for it. Briteli helps you find useful apps and content in a more focused manner after people get tired of the app stores.

6. Is it safe to install apps from Brite.li?
We do not host any apps or content on our site, users will be redirected to the app store for installs. We only provide a different discovery experience.

The People behind Briteli

We are a garage firm started by a husband and wife team. As simple as that.

Founder & Developer:    
   The Founders Blog
Content:    The freelance team

Images & Resources

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