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Marketing Service Purchase

What's included in the service

  • An app review on blog
  • The review will be featured on the home page
  • We will also post to two other blogs that we own for the android community
  • We will offer a mini play store review and an appropriate rating on google play and a +1 from slidingbits
  • You will also receive a personal email from the reviewer with any issues and usability improvements that he or she encountered.
  • We have a select android community on twitter and we will tweet the review link for you
  • No distracting advertisements on the review pages, you keep your audience's attention
  • You can also use our review content on your web page or play store listing enhancement

Why App Review

  • Reviews are a great thorough external feedback mechanism to developers
  • All reviews link to the original play store app page (called backlinks)
  • Every backlink is useful to grow organic play store rankings
  • Since we do not have advertisements, the reviews get undivided users attention (worth its weight in gold)
  • We are building an curated list of hard to find great apps, so your apps dont get lost in a crowd
  • Your app gets a chance to be on the curated list at

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